rg2019-01-07 ӢZ֪R ҪͶ


(I)am, (you)areis(he)(she)(it)Δ~is͔~ȫare׃benotȥ׃Ɇǰĩ̖ĪG߀һlע״Īӛ



(2)xfԒ˽˻this, xfԒh˻that磺 This is a flower. @һ仨(̎)

That is a tree. һØ(h̎)

(3)һăɘӖ|fthis, fthat磺

This is a pen. That is a pencil. @һ֧䓹Pһ֧UP

(4)e˽Bij˕rfThis is, fThat is磺

This is Helen. Helen, this is Tom. @Ǻ@ǜķ

(5)This is ܿs, That isԿs磺

This is a bike. Thats a car. @һv܇һvI܇

(6)ԒrBԼthis, ԃthat磺

-Hello! Is that Miss Green? ιǸС?

-Yes, this is. Whos that? ǵl?

ע⣺mȻhZʹáҡ͡㡱ӢZдԒr^fI am, Are you?/Who are you?

(7)ڻشthisthatZɆr, Ҫitthisthat磺

-Is this a notebook? @ǹPӛ

-Yes, it is. ǵ

-Whats that? ʲô?

-Its a kite. ֻL~


this, that, thesethoseָʾ~thesethisď͔ʽ,ָrg,x^ĻҪᵽ˻;thosethatď͔ʽ,ָrgx^hǰѽᵽ^˻

This is my bed. That is Lilys bed. @ҵĴĴ

These pictures are good. Щܺ

 Are those apple trees? ЩO?


Are these/those your apples? @Щ(Щ)O?

Yes, they are. ǵ

˰汾ȫ һԪƱǮ 3ͼһ ˫ɫ2 ֿԤӮ ʳɹ˾ ֻ ѯ ʱ8 ӱʮһѡ